Singing sensation Zahara has revealed to TshisaLIVE that her lobola negotiations have officially been concluded with Amaza's family paying 20 cows for her.

An excited Zahara revealed the news to TshisaLIVE in the wake of reports that she had "lied" about the negotiations being concluded.
Drum magazine reported on Thursday that sources who attended the negotiations apparently claimed that an agreement was not finalised, yet Zahara revealed during an interview last week, that it had been.
A fuming Zahara blasted the report labelling it 'false'.
And in an attempt to set the record straight Zahara revealed that not only has an agreement been reached, her family will receive 20 cows.
"The Ntshanga family came to the house as part of the lobola ceremony. They (Ntshangas) asked how many cows and the prices of cows. These are not just any cows. The two families agreed on an amount for lobola. They signed the agreement and, like the tradition goes, the Ntshanga’s will be back to make the payment," she said.
Although Zahara said that the lobola ceremony is usually kept very private, she revealed that they agreed on 20 cows.
Now Zahara is officially makoti! And is set to have her fairytale wedding early next year.