SA comedian Loyiso Gola made history two months ago when he became the first comedian in the world to feature in a Vimeo live comedy special. Now a live recording of the sell-out show is set for release and in it Loyiso takes aim at US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Loyiso jetted into New York this week to launch the live recording, his first comedy special in the US.
The performance, which was filmed at the prestigious House of Yes in New York City, saw Loyiso cover a number of global topics with some good old South African spice.
But perhaps one of Loyiso's spiciest commentaries was reserved for US presidential candidate Donald Trump, telling the audience that there must be something wrong with democracy when it gives you Donald Trump.
The recording is available exclusively through online video service Vimeo, and it will be delivered to fans from next week.
In the meantime, here's a trailer of what to expect.