UKHOZI FM’s presenter and serial husband, Ngizwe Mchunu (36), has done it again.
He went behind his wife’s back and married Afrotainment artist, Nqobile Floda Mthimkhulu (21).
Last year in November, Ngizwe was taken to the Durban High Court by his customary wives, Sphelele Manxumalo Mchunu (27) and Lindy Makhuzwayo Mchuny (23).
Sphelele complained that Ngizwe went behind her back and married Nqobile at the Department of Home Affairs.
The court cancelled both Lindy’s customary marriage and Nqobile’s civil marriage, which left Ngizwe with one wife: Sphelele.
But on Sunday Ngizwe and Nqobile had a traditional wedding in KwaMashu, Durban. The traditional wedding was kept under wraps and neither Sphelele nor Lindy were invited or informed.
Ngizwe, who is also a sangoma, was accompanied by his dad, Bhekumndeni, and his uncle Mphakamiseni.
Both Ngizwe’s family and Nqobile’s families exchanged gifts.
Nqobile said: “Today I’ve achieved two important things: I’m now Ngizwe’s legal wife, and I’m a full sangoma. I answered my ancestral call in October.”
She said she didn’t see the need to invite Sphelele or Lindy.
“They’re the ones who have a problem with me. If they want to talk to me, they should approach me,” said Nqobile.
According to Ngizwe, Nqobile is the one who will bear a son for him.
“As the Mchunu clan, we’re here to unite two families: the Mchunus and Mthimkhulus. I also want to announce that Nqobile is the one who will bear my first son,” said Ngizwe.
Sphelele could not be reached on her phone. But her cousin, who refused to be named, said: “I’m surprised that he got married to Nqobile. Last Saturday Sphelele and Lindy were with Ngizwe at the Satma Awards in Richards Bay. Ngizwe left them there.
“He told them he had some work to do in Durban. I was also there and none of us suspected anything.”
Lindy also confirmed she was not invited.
She said: “In fact, I didn’t even know Ngizwe was getting married.” She refused to comment further.