Scoop Makhathini has never been one to hold his tongue on important issues and so when he saw how many South Africans were commenting on the American elections, he just had to speak up.

In a lengthy Twitter rant on Wednesday, Scoop took aim at South Africans who were tweeting about the US elections, accusing them of paying more attention to American politics than their own.

Of course, Twitter users didn't take kindly to being called out, and responded by telling Scoop to sit down because he does not understand international relations.

Scoop hit back at this criticism, accusing users of being obsessed with the west.
"Your country and your continent is bleeding to death. Your eyes are looking towards across the Atlantic. That is smart. I am dumb. But I understand. Blacks neglected their names, their gods, their medicine, their way of life, totally neglected self for foreign methods. Guess that is why you are worried about foreign affairs. Your mind state is so foreign from yourself.
People cannot even spell, read or write their mother tongues but are worried about Trump, not their education or their kids. Kids come home to a black family and speak English imini yonke (be)cause their parents say, 'It's globalization, my baby,"' he tweeted

And while many of his followers agreed with him, it was too late for poor Scoop.
Twitter had already waged war on him. And it was savage.