Gone are the days where celebrities are people who are only on TV or radio. Nah. Give someone a moment, whatever it is, and if they make an impression then they'll stick.

Take Sbahle Mpisane for example.
Yeah, she dated Itu Khune. That's how we were introduced to her. But they broke up and she's still managed to stick around.
Not because she's pretty or because she's got a hot body. Of course, that helps. But more because she works hard, takes us on her journey and shares inspirational messages.
This is one of her latest ones...
Life is dynamic, constantly changing, to experience all the dimensions that life has to offer we must learn to live intensely. What I mean by living intensely is to be totally aware of your body, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Be aware of your own awareness!
When you live like this you are able to experience the richness of life, you lead a life of harmony in both your inner and outer worlds. Being in harmony means you have developed enough awareness to let your heart learn to feel, and your mind to think clearly, you don’t allow them to mix.