RAPPERS Kwesta and Crazy J “stole my beat”!
These are the words of an up-and-coming rapper Busang Ramasehla, aka “Mac Murphy”.
Mac (22) claimed the beat used for the track No Lie was stolen from him by Crazy J’s producer, known only as Sphiwe.
He said his track is titled Lutho and he’s been performing it at various events around Daveyton.
“I did all the work at Solo Studios where I met Sphiwe,” said Mac.
“I left the beat and the vocals with him. I never thought he’d do this. I still have the raw files. It’s my beat,” Mac said.
“I knew he was working with Crazy J – and that Crazy J was the one funding his music career.
According to Mac he was hurt by someone he trusted.
Sphiwe said: I use to work with Mac and taught him some of the things when it comes to production. “I’m a producer and this year I got a record label.
“That’s when Mac started acting up.”
Sphiwe believes his success turned his friends against him.
“It started when they heard I was working with Kwesta.
“They started calling me a cheese boy.
“Yes, I’ve worked with Mac, but the one Crazy J and Kwesta are using is not his,” Sphiwe said.
Kwesta said he went to the studio and recorded the track.
“I don’t know who got the beat from who.
“I agreed to work with them, that’s it,” he said.
Crazy J said: “Sphiwe said he thinks people are jealous that he’s working with me.
“He showed me the data of the beat on the computer he used for it, so I don’t know how that’s possible.”