ORLANDO Pirates dribbling wizard, Thabo “Jomodinho” Rakhale, may be missing scoring chances on the field – but off the field he’s allegedly scored big with Sbongile “Cbowee” Memela.
Friends close to the two lovebirds claimed they’ve been together for a year now.
Sbongile is from Durban but resides in Pretoria as she’s studying.
She wasn’t keen on discussing Thabo with Sunday Sun: “Why must I talk about him?”
In two messages Sbongile posted on her Instagram page, she wrote: I can never expect perfection because I’m far from it, but it’s been a long way, can’t give up now. As long you’re trying I’m staying.
In another message she wrote: I’ll never deny my downfalls, my relapses and my weaknesses in life. . .
But when you meet someone who tells you where to get off, you know shit is real. I’ve drawn myself so much closer to God because I worry about that person so much . . .
I talk to God on your behalf, I hate people who criticise you cause you’re such a hard worker. I fight your battles. I talk to my mom about you over lunch dates but most of all, your achievements motivate me to work harder than ever. Time flies, last year August, my life changed forever. Thank you nana.
“They’re madly in love. Sbongile’s always flaunting pictures of Thabo on her social pages. Thabo’s always spending time with her when he’s off.
“He spends most of his time at her place and sometimes sleeps there.
“Sbo’s broken Thabo’s heart a couple of times, but he loves her and they are still together,” a source said.
Rakhale couldn’t be reached for comment as they were in camp but Bucs spokesman, Floyd Mbhele, said: “This is a private matter, no comment.”
Source: dailysun