For months Mzansi has been asking rapper Okmalumkoolkat for answers regarding him being found guilty of sexual assault in Australia. Even celebs voiced their opinion, it looks like the rapper is now ready to speak. Okmalumkoolkat finally reveals what happened in Australia.

The rapper sat down with Anele for a candid chat about his one month of a six-month sentence in a Tasmanian jail for assault with intent of indecency and assault with intent earlier this year.

“I was lost in the hotel, looking for my way to my room. And there is a sliding door open, so I’m thinking maybe that could be the way for me to get to the corridors to go to my room, but because I was drunk, instead of knocking, I just walked through. And then obviously, I would probably act the same way if somebody was in my room – it’s scary. She woke up, and then she ushered me out the room,” he told Anele.

“I guess she could see that I was really drunk, and I told her that ‘yo, I’m actually trying to get my way to my room.’ And then she called the cops, and then I was like okay, I’m going to explain to the police. And then when they got there, they were like you’ll explain when we get to the charge office.”

The rapper says when he heard the woman’s statement it was different. “Then the was the charges. It was a real thing. But I though it’s something I could explain.”

“I felt like I did violate someone, because I was in her room. Even if it was myself, as a male, I’d probably freak out if somebody was in my hotel room.