Nyan'Nyan's Luyanda Potwana is moving to America

He graced our TV screens with his spectacular character on the SABC TV reality show Nyan' Nyan' and now Luyanda Potwana is coming back for its 5th season but also jetting off to America.
ZAlebs had a chat wth Luyanda about the new season, finding love and moving to the United States of America. 

What have you been up to since the last season of Nyan Nyan?

I've been focusing on my radio career, as you would perhaps know that I host a show called Tru Sunday Chill on Tru FM (SABC). I've also been very busy shooting my documentary about my life story (UHAMBO LWAM'). We are going to be taking people through my journey of having been on the streets of Hillbrow and Jozi for 7 years; hustling to be on TV. The documentary is coming out very soon and will be available in all the music stores, countrywide."

Nyan Nyan is coming back for season 5. When can we expect it back on our screens?

"The TX date hasn't been confirmed by the channel yet, I can confirm that we're coming back on your TV screens very soon,  hence we are currently in production for season 5; and have already shot a few new episodes in Mpumalanga and Gauteng. Therefore, I can promise that the wait for the TX is not going to be very long."

Compared to the previous seasons of Nyan' Nyan, what will be different about season 5?

"Nyan Nyan was created based on the concept of TRUTH, and will never change. The truth is always true. Our mandate is to give people an opportunity to come clean and be truthful, with the hope of starting over in their relationships on a clean slate. Therefore, the format is not changing. It remains the same. Of course, we always strive to improve the quality of how we treat our stories, offer help to our participants in each and every season."

You are known for giving good advise to couples on Nyan' Nyan, what impact has this had on your personal relationships with loved ones?

It has had a good impact, in a sense that I learn from each and every story. Like the old saying goes that we have to learn from each other's mistakes. But, of course, it is spiritually and emotionally draining at the same time. I mean, I'm probably one guy who has seen so much drama than all other presenters on TV. If I didn't have what in Journalism is called 'the dumping box' I'd probably be one person who's very cynical about relationships...I'd be a mess.

What was your current visit to America all about?

I took a vacation to celebrate my 35th birthday in the US, and I had a blast. Also, I have a girlfriend in America. We've been together for some time, and we've been keeping it under wraps. The long distance is not killing me/us...I'm so happy, she has made me forget about my failed engagement in 2014.
Any future plans you would like to share with us?
Well, on the 12th of October 2017 I'm leaving SA and migrating to the USA for 25 years. I will return to SA to retire when I'm 60, in 2042. I do need to mention that this has always been the plan and therefore, has very little to do with my girlfriend who is in the US.
Some of us are not planning to be the 'Bonangs in SA'. Some of us are actually working towards being the 'Trevors in USA'. 
My eyes have always been on the global stage, but of course, I had to start somewhere. SABC 1 gave me a plartform and I'm now using it to get myself on a global stage -- where I've always wanted to be.
I will be renting an apartment in Hollywood, Los Angeles; and the plan is TV and radio in America. The details will be revealed as time goes, but already the plan is in motion...which is why I'm travelling to Los Angeles again in December for a few meetings.
source: ZAlebs