Sorry Indie Arie, our very own gift that keeps on giving Ntsiki Mazwai says we are our hair. Ntsiki has been called “dirty” and often gets told on social media to “go and take a bath”, now the social media star is revealing what she thinks is dirty. Ntsiki says weaves are dirtier than natural hair.

In yet another rant, Ntsiki went in on black women who wear weaves calling them insecure. “Chasing other identities makes u look damn insecure….ngathi awuzithembanga,” she tweeted.

Asked why she’s bothered by black women who wear weaves, Ntsiki says as a black woman when another looks insecure, it teaches the world to look down on her too. “For as long as you run away from what u truly look like….youre punishing yourself,” she tweeted.