Ntsiki Mazwai seems to be the voice for the voiceless, sometimes. After Fikile Mbalula’s episode on Anele Mdoda’s talk show aired where he talked about his affair back in 2011, Ntsiki is calling him out. Ntsiki calls out Fikile Mbalula on his ‘one stand stand’ comment.

Ntsiki Calls Out Fikile Mbalula On His ‘One Stand Stand’ Comment

In his interview, Mbalula calls his affair a “one night stand” and that didn’t sit well with Ntsiki. “This “thing” sies this man is soooooo disgusting. Why is he even in government. He is a stupid buffoon,” she tweeted.

This THING likes to sleep around. ….sfebe,” she ranted. Minister Mbalula’s seem to not be bothered by Ntsiki’s tweets.