What a dramatic end to this week's installments of "Uzalo". I don't know what Mxolisi was thinking, meeting up with his ex-married girlfriend, Nokuthula. She claims that she poisoned him! Nokuthula has been trying to get back together with him and she even went as far as trying to commit suicide and ended up in the hospital! Talk about drama!
So in Wednesday's episode, she invited Mxolisi pretending that she wanted to thank him as he found her when she tried to kill herself for him nogal! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, she was planning to poison him so that they could be the "Romeo and Juliette" of KwaMashu. She says she wants them to die in each other's arms. For the past few episodes, Mxolisi had been pleading with Nokuthula to leave him alone in vain. She kept on pushing and insisting that they belong together even though she is married! We will have to see what happens next week.

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Pastor Ayanda Mdletshe is still caught between his fiance' Smangele and ex-girlfriend, Sibahle. I think he doesn't know what he wants and I don't know how his fiancé is going to keep up with faking her pregnancy. Any-hoo, Ayanda was caught kissing Sibahle, and Smangele went into a fit of rage and that is when Ayanda decided to announce their engagement in church. Everyone was happy, except of course for Sibahle. Sibahle left the church looking hurt and Ayanda caught up with her and asked her to understand that his fiance' is carrying his child, so he can't leave. Of course, unbeknown to him there is no baby!!!
Later, Ayanda decided to invite his two mothers, Manzuza and MaXulu, to a meeting. I applaud him as he contained the situation by telling them that he is tired of Manzuza's judgemental ways (Manzuza is very judgemental) and that he is tired of Maxulu's always fighting Manzuza, but the scene ended with him still feeling that he hadn't made any progress with them. We will see what happens next week. And that folks, is all you need to know about this week's Uzalo's episodes.