Mshoza has hit back at the latest report rumors about her love life and she’s setting the records straight. Mshoza responds to reports she’s becoming her ‘blesser’s third wife.

Mshoza Responds To Reports She’s Becoming Her ‘Blesser’s Third Wife

Taking to Instagram, the Kwaito star revealed that she is single and not looking. “SINGLE BUT NOT AVAILABLE #myunderstanding #QueenOfKwaito 👑 #umshozayibhoza #ABANTUBAMLABA,” she captioned the photo above.

This comes after Sunday Sun reported that Mshoza was recently introduced and welcomed as a third wife into her businessman beau’s family.

“No truth in this at all!! SUNDAY SUN… RAN OUT OF STORIES❌ YOU CAN WRITE WHAT EVER BUT THESE ARE MY PEOPLE AND I AM THE HOST #ABANTUBAMLABA,” Mshoza captioned the headlining article.