Mshoza (Nomasonto Maswanganyi) makes a trio with her kids that is exciting and fairly fun to be around.
Her eight year old daughter, Pride, wants nothing more than to be as cool and glamorous as her mom.
“I love my mom and I enjoy hanging out with her. She always looks nice and has nice clothes, so I like to look like her,” she said.
Pride is a chatter box around her mom and the two are inseparable.
On the day that DRUM spent with them, Pride constantly imitated her mother and demanded lipstick.
Her seven your old son, Jacob Junior, is the complete opposite. A lot like his dad Jacob Mnisi a successful business man.
“He is very quiet and susses out the situation like his father,” Mshoza said. “Don’t think him being silent means he is quiet. He takes time to get used to people.”
Does Mshoza confide in her kids about all the things that are said about her life in the media?
“At times they hear things at school and will see headlines in the papers. That’s why it’s important for me to always speak to them and be honest,” she said.
Pride weighs in on the gossip around her mom’s skin lightening.
“I know my mom is lighter than she was before,” she said. “Some people said she got plastic surgery, but I know it’s not true because she told me the truth about what has made her skin lighter.”
Mshoza also opened up about a skin condition that she is living with that makes her top up on her lightening, and talked about her desire to do plastic surgery on her bum.
The day spent with Mshoza, Junior and Pride reveals a lot of insight on what her children think about her and the media whirlwind that surrounds their mom.
Read the full story in the 17 November issue of DRUM.