Diva or someone who just know what they want? Minnie labelled a diva after causing drama on the island. The TV presenter was announced the official host of the upcoming season of Tropika Island of Treasure in Seychelles. However that wasn’t the case when the show started tapping.

According to media reports, Minnie demanded that her entourage accompany her to the Seychelles a day before she left South Africa for shooting. Minnie reportedly wanted her own stylist and social media team to go with her.

Whilst we think that’s showbiz industry standard for celebrities, the show’s producers reportdly called her a diva. The drama didn’t end there, Minnie had reportedly asked not to be considered for the job if she was to have a co-host. Only to find out Top Billing’s Jonathan was going to co-host with her.

Jonathan Boynton-Lee was supposed to come in for the new role of Games Master. “Cardova and Tropika offered me the sole hosting position of the upcoming season which I signed on for. I specifically asked not to be considered if they were looking for two presenters. The last minute they wanted to introduce a co-host which I refused as per the initial agreement. There was conflict on the island as a result,” Minnie said in a statement.

We can’t wait for the seventh season of Tropika Island of Treasure to air, there’s going to b many awkward scenes and of course drama.