Meet #idolssa Top 4 in New York @Tebogo_Louw, @ThamiShobede, @NomaNomz, @terrikox

The fight to the finale, as Proverb put it, is much much closer and the Idols’ competition is still anyone’s game.
With only four contestants left, and after losing Lucia last night, the remaining participants were awarded a trip to New York which they left for immediately after the show.
They got to sing two songs again this week, one song selection coming from their mentor assigned to assist them in their preparations.
Noma was paired with Simphiwe Dana, Thami with Donald, Terra and Khaya Mthethwa, JR with Tebogo and the evicted Lucia with Kelly Khumalo.
An incredible voting record of almost 9 and a half million votes was recorded,which gave us our top 4.
Last girl standing Noma took the first spot closer to the finale. She sang Simphiwe Dana’s very popular ‘Ndiredi’ and Keisha White’s ‘Weakness in Me’.
Unathi praised her zeal and refusal to give up.
“Noma you are still here because you never gave up and I think there is nothing worse like going through a very difficult time whilst on television. You are not just a contestant, you are a queen. You took Simphiwe’s biggest hit, one of the most celebrated woman in South Africa and you gave it such a great rendition. The way that you interpreted it, the way that you were talking about it, it’s just so commendable to be able to do that with such bravado and such courage.
Randall, did not think that her ‘Ndiredi’ performance was one of her best. And gave advice to the contestants to look beyond them being safe this week and focus on making it to next week and to the finale.
Her second performance was dubbed “authentic”.
Somizi said, “Besides your voice being great, you need to know that you are inspiring everyone with your story. From a (teacher) to the top 4, you are a proper example that dreams really do come true. Now what I want you to do is to disturb the boy’s party and go straight to the finale lovey.”
Second to receive enough votes was Tebogo. He got to sing JR’s ‘So Hot’.
Humorously Somizi said, “Tebogo, it was nice to see a different personality from you. You are coming out, I loved it (the performance). It was so good that I felt like I am in your concert and you are starting a band baby and I am opening a shebeen.”
Unathi thought it was amazing and Randall thinks he’s got a lot to going on for him. Positive comments all around.
He again captivated the judge with Anthony Hamilton’s 'Her Heart'.
“There is something that is so disarming about man who can stand on stage and be powerful in a moment where he’s been vulnerable at the same time. It’s an ability that many humans and many musicians don’t have. For me, so far, performance of the night,” said Unathi.
Both songs sung by Thami - Donald’s ‘Over the Moon’ and Sam Cook’s ‘Change is Gonna Come’, got him positive responses from the judges.
Unathi said, “I don’t know if South Africa has done the maths but the maths is that we are only three weeks away from the finale and for some reason I think you will be there just because of this song,” speaking of the Sam Cook tune.
Gareth predicted that he would be in the lead by a considerable margin, but should not relax just yet.
Last, but certainly not the least to make it was Terra Cox.
He serenaded the audience with ‘How Do you Love’ by Khaya Mthethwa and ‘Sweet Love’ by Anita Baker.
Dance moves were served to us for his first showcase, and he received a standing ovation.
A very impressed Randall said, “That’s what you need to do. You need to come out, right from the very second you start, you need to be in the zone and that is what you did tonight.
And yes, Terra is back Gareth exclaimed, to Somizi’s excitement.
It was another rollercoaster ride with his second performance as it didn’t hit the spot with Randall, Gareth and Somizi; his interpretation was just a sing along and had nothing special. Unathi loved it, saying that he wasn’t trying to imitate Anita and therefore remained true to himself.
Idols’ contestants got an exclusive invite to the Union Buildings, with an exclusive tour led by Bhuthi Mahamela, deputy minister in the presidency for planning, monitoring and evaluation.
“Idols keeps the country on its feet. We know that this is the season where every province is supporting their Idol, every gender is supporting the opposite gender. But I think more importantly, it’s unearthing the talent, its putting young people out there for the country to enjoy,” said the minister.
A year to the day since she fell out of the competition, Amanda Black came back to the stage to sing her single ‘Amazulu’ from her album, which drops next week. Really impressive.
Next week the remaining contestants pair up for duet performances. Can’t wait!