The songstress, who is usually fiercely protective when it comes to her private life, has revealed that "married life is amazing".
Bucie spoke to Sowetan, and gushed over her husband.
"Married life is amazing. It’s good to know you have that one person that loves you till death do you part. That you’re not afraid that he will maybe leave you, someone you’re hoping will stick to his commitment of till death do you part."
The singer added that she loves that her husband isn't "fazed by the fame" but loves her for her.
Even though Bucie has on the rare occasion opened up about her guy- she has firmly kept his identity protected.
In September this year Bucie spoke out on national television about the reason she keeps her guy's identity guarded.
"You will never meet him. He is mine, and mine alone, and mine with my family and friends. You know how I like to keep my private life private," she said on Channel O.