Lebo M has reconciled with his ex-wife Angela Ngani-Casara, and now the couple is planning to remarry nearly three years after their 2013 divorce.

According to Sowetan, the internationally-renowned composer and producer confirmed the exciting news in a statement, while publicist Neo Motlhala revealed that wedding preparations are already underway.
It is further reported that the wedding, set to take place in Egypt early next month, will be an intimate affair with close family and friends.
"The events of my life have been humbling, and reconciling with Angela has continued to teach me important lessons," Lebo told the local publication.
"Our reconciliation is about restoring what truly is a gift to us."
Lebo and Angela, who have a daughter together, called it quits in 2013, following their five-year union. While they both refused to reveal the leading cause of the split, it was widely reported that they stopped seeing eye to eye.
"I am personally very happy in my life, having been blessed enough to reconcile and reconnect deeply with Angela Casara while doing my best to look after my children and do what ever it takes to correct my wrongs in my parenting ways. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to restore a healthy relationship with all my adult children," Lebo wrote on Instagram on Tuesday morning.
The pair have been sharing a series of photos together on social media, since they rekindled their romance in September.

After what seemed like a whirlwind romance, Lebo and his ex Zoe went their separate ways in May this year "amid disagreements over a pre-nuptial agreement".
The news came as a shock to fans after what seemed to be a fairytale come true.