Tsekeleke was diagnosed with diabetes about 10 years ago and has been in a never-ending battle.
It seems the former Kwaito musician’s condition has worsened after a sore developed on his foot. Doctors have informed Tsekeleke that his leg needed to be amputated or he might die, a step he is not keen on.
“I would rather die than have my leg amputated. I have faith and belief that God will answer my prayers,” he told Sunday World.
Tsekeleke also informed the paper that his father was also diabetic and had his leg amputated before he died from the disease.
Tsekeleke has since turned to God and has been consulting with controversial Pastor Mboro who recommended a two-month programme called eight weeks of Incredible Journey with Mboro, which includes prayer sessions, as Tsekeleke felt medication had failed him.
In 2014 Tsekeleke had promised South Africa a return to the music industry.
Speaking to Drum, Pastor Mboro said, “This young man needs divine intervention.”
“I do not like the word controversial, I do the work of God. I have healed many people,” Mboro said.
Other Mzansi celebrities who are fighting diabetes include Mshoza, DJ Romz Deluxe, Winnie Mandela, Howard Mosese and Sophie Ndaba.
Learn more about the condition on http://www.diabetessa.org.za