AWARD-WINNING singer Khaya Mthethwa and his alleged fiancee, actress Jessica Nkosi, are said to have called it quits.
This after the season 8 Idols winner had allegedly been delaying ilobolo process.
A source claimed Jessica got tired of waiting and decided to leave.
According to the source, Khaya had been dragging his feet.
Our source said eventually Khaya’s uncle decided to tell Jessica Khaya can’t get married.
His uncle said they were waiting for Nomzamo Mbatha’s family to return ilobolo money Khaya had paid them, the source claimed.
“I think that was just a lame excuse,” the source said.
Another source said the couple’s relationship wasn’t as rosy as it seemed. They constantly fought over the fact that Khaya and Nomzamo still talk, and that Nomzamo still has the engagement ring.
“Jessica feels Khaya has betrayed her, especially after he came between her and Nomzamo.
“She’s lost Nomzamo as a friend, but Khaya is still friends with her. This while Khaya is the reason they’re not friends any more,” said the source.
The source said the two constantly fight over this issue. The source claimed the last straw was that Jessica appeared on Tropika Island of Treasure.
Khaya allegedly didn’t like this due to his role in church.
Another source claimed Jessica’s leaving to the island also created problems for her bosses, as she left without telling them.
On Monday, the entire script revolved around her, but she wasn’t there. Her bosses knew she’d signed up for the challenge, but she didn’t tell them which days, so on Monday she was expected at work,” said the source.
This week Khaya said: “I’ve never confirmed being with her. So I’ve nothing to say.”
Isibaya’s Bongi Potelwa said production didn’t bring the issue to their attention.
Khaya’s uncle was unavailable for comment. Jessica wasn’t available for comment, and Nomzamo refused to comment.