From the Oscars to the SAMAs. Hosts throwing shade is a big part of Award show highlights and the Chevy Feather Awards ere no different. Actress Khanya Mkangisa was the host, who knew she that spicy?! Guess everybody got shade these days. Khanya Mkangisa throws major shade at Bonang.

Khanya Mkangisa Throws Major Shade At Bonang

Taking to the stage, Khanya who like Bonang was given 24 hours to prep as host threw shade Bonang’s way saying unlike Bonang she couldn’t afford to fly in a stylist from New York. “I had 24 hours to prepare but couldn’t afford to fly in a stylist from New York,” Khanya joked.

The actress then took a jab at Bonang’s Revlon deal bringing up the whole “international ambassador” question. “Some people claim to be global ambassadors for make-up brands. But show me the receipts,” she said, to which her co-host replied, “It must be that African butter,” which is Bonang’s phrase.

Khanya didn’t stop there as she went on to predict Bonang would snatch every award she was nominated for just like she snatches everything else. “She’s nominated in a number of categories tonight. We hope she snatches those awards like she has snatched everything else”.

That’s a lot of shade if you ask us.