TV PRESENTER K Naomi and stylist Tshepi Vundla’s friendship was put to the ultimate test. 
This after the two besties allegedly found themselves locked in a catfight over a married man, Mzansi’s top rapper Shugasmakx, at a Jozi upmarket club, Taboo!
Sunday Sun sources alleged the two slugged it out in full view of club patrons.
“Believe it or not, they were fighting over rapper Shugasmakx,” claimed a source.
According to another source, Shugasmakx, K Naomi and Tshepi had been partying all day.
“They started at DJ Miss Cosmos’s fun house in Sandton, then went to a Woolies party and ended up at Taboo,” the source said.
A witness, who asked not to be named, said all hell broke loose when one girl accused the other of flirting with Shugasmakx.
“We saw people pushing each other in the VIP section. They tried to protect their faces and It turned out the commotion was caused by Tshepi and K Naomi,” the source claimed.
The witness said the two ladies were separated by club patrons, and added: “We were confused, as Shugasmakx is a married man.”
According to the source, one of the friends yelled: “This b*tch has been looking at my man throughout the evening.”
Tshepi tweeted: You can’t trust anyone.
The witness said the two besties are no longer on speaking terms.
Tshepi said the rumours are untrue. “That’s incorrect. Check with your sources,” she said before she hung up.
Shugasmakx laughed the claims off, and said: the allegations. He was not aware the two ladies fought. “What? Never! I don’t have a clue they fought.”
Asked if he’s dating either of the girls, Shugasmakx said there’s no chance.
K Noami couldn’t be reached for comment.