Undoubtedly one of the best drama series to hit Mzansi Magic this year, iGazi not only brought us the creme dela creme of the acting industry, but also a story line that has kept us on the edge of our seats.
Speaking to ZAlebs, executive producer of the show Connie Ferguson firstly let us know that she is not sure when season 5 of Rockville would be returning but encourages viewers to be patient with them as they are currently working on iGazi and The Queen.
"Aww man, I don't know yet as we've just finished with Rockville and are currently busy with the first season of The Queen which has like 208 episodes, we've put our blood sweat and tears into it. 
We'll be doing season 2 of iGazi very soon, we start shooting in January, so we're very busy with these two projects at the moment.  We'll only start talking Rockville again after iGazi, maybe, especially considering that some actors who are on The Queen are in Rockville as well. So right now for 2017, we're focused on getting iGazi out there to the people and The Queen." Said Connie Ferguson.
We absolutely can't wait, we've missed our favourite villains, Scotho and Nomarrusia so much