We love the relationship SA Idols judges Unathi Msengana and Gareth Cliff had on the show, one of the reasons why many people watch it. Many fans of the show were saddened to learn of Gareth’s resignation Monday morning and Unathi’s tribute to Cliff doesn’t make i better. Aww, check out Unathi’s farewell message to Gareth Cliff.

Aww, Check Out Unathi’s Farewell Message To Gareth Cliff

“I say to him ‘Babey come sit here and take a pic! Phela this could have been our wedding day with uMswenko wakho nam’ he says ‘Aaaah thanks Unaths’ as he’s always called me! I love you! Always have and ALWAYS will! I love you TLIFF!!!!!! @grcliff,” she captioned the above photo.

So much sads! We are pretty sure these two will always be friends. However we will miss the Cliff on Idols.