The star reveals for the first time since her second failed marriage to Bishop Keith Harrington in 2013 – she’s dating someone and is in “a happy space”

“We met a few months ago and we are happy,” she blushes. “I am in a very calm space in my life and I’m seeing how this goes. We enjoy being with each other.” she’d rather not reveal her new mans identity, as her 2007 divorce from actor Themba Ndaba and her ugly split from Keith after their short lived union was splashed across media.

One would therefore expect Sophie to be done with love and the idea of marriage. But this is not the case, the bubbly television personality says. “I’ve been hurt a couple of times and I have cried over it, but I still believe in Prince Charming,” she says.

“I still believe I will have my happily ever after. It may be with the person I am with now, I don’t know. Time will tell.”