Controversial musician Steve Hofmeyr asserts that despite everything that has been said about him, he considers himself a true African, claiming that he can trace his roots in the country further than most black people.

It's no secret that Steve is one of South Africa's favourite sound-bite machines. Virtually every time he opens his mouth in public, words tumble out that would send most PR officers into a stress-induced epileptic shock.
He has subsequently been labelled a lot of things, one of them being a "racist".
Speaking on Cliffcentral recently, he revealed that it doesn't bother him what he's called, before pointing out that he is often unafraid to distinguish between races.
"People would like to stereotype me as one of those old right wingers; there’s no Eugene [Terre’Blanche] to shoot, so we’ve got to find somebody else, and then ‘ah there’s Steve Hofmeyr, he’s a white Afrikaner and he’s Afrikaans and he says nice things about the race that we hate so why not pick on him?'"
In addition to admitting that he hardly shies away from discerning racial variation - which he claims is "much like the government" - Steve revealed that he considers himself to be an African.
He explained that he's part of a white tribe from Africa, and can therefore trace his roots further than most black people, including EFF leader Julius Malema, because "they only learnt to read and write 100 years ago".
"I can actually trace my roots back in South Africa further than most black people can because they only learned to read and write 100 years ago," he said.