I had not had a one-night stand in a while, so last Friday I decided to be a naughty girl.

My punani is allergic to ciders and all the other popular mixed drinks. Whoever gets lucky to tap that better have enough money for Dom PĂ©rignon. I booked a table at one of the restaurants in Sandton for the evening. I had barely touched my starter when a yummy-looking prospect came to my table ... I don't recall much of the conversation but I remember his clothes in a neat little pile on my Silk Isfahan rug next to the bed.
Then he started pawing my honey pot as if he was looking for loose change. He was apparently looking for my G-spot. Now, the G-spot has eluded many men .
Scientifically, they say the G-spot is located about two inches inside the vagina.
Sexual health expert and urologist Dr Jennifer Berman recently came out with a new spot even deeper in the vagina. She calls it the O-spot. I didn't tell this fine brother about the new spot, fearing he might end up scratching my uterus.