Fikile Mbalula has been dubbed the Minister of fun and twitter Minister. The Sports Minister opened up about how he handles the social media platform and why he chose to be active. Fikile Mbalula talks about about his love for twitter.
Speaking to Anele Mbalula says he felt misrepresented and bullied by social media before he was on twitter. “By the way, the story of BeyoncĂ© when it broke out on Twitter, that I’m going to pay her 21 million, I was not even on Twitter. I was being bullied there by all sorts of people – artists, and everybody was ill-informed, and I could not defend myself,” he told Anele.
“Twitter is for bullies. I was bullied when I came in. Actually at 10 000 followers, I switched it off, because I couldn’t stand the heat,” he said.
“Twitter has provided me comfort to articulate what I believe in, quite correctly, and pick up fights, what is called twar… really based on self-defence, and clarifying issues that would have gone astray. It has also given me an opportunity to profile my work,” he told Anele.