A TRAUMATISED man’s alleged tiny 4-5 has been causing him a huge headache for a long time.
It’s all because his former lover will not stop telling everyone he has a finger-sized peni_s!
The man (38) told Daily Sun that whenever his ex sees him in public she lies about his shortcomings between the sheets.
“My ex-girlfriend has made my life miserable,” the man from Khayelitsha in Uitenhage, Nelson Mandela Bay, told the People’s Paper, adding he was forced to avoid places where his 30-year-old ex goes.
“Everywhere I go, this wicked 
woman is 
 hurling her bad remarks in my face. She insults me in public, that I have a small 4-5 and that I can’t poke! It’s been this way since 2007 when I broke up with her.”
He said he has all but lost his dignity in his community as other women believe his ex’s hurtful insults.
“She hates it that I do not give her any attention.
“I think she feels I owe her money.
“I was unemployed when we dated and when I tell her I don’t have money to give to her, she starts shouting about my failures in bed.
“I have approached other women who have shunned my advances, telling me they have already heard of my short CV!
“I do not deserve this.
“This thing haunts me and it has killed my self-esteem.”
The former lover told Daily Sun she will not stop insulting the man as long as he lives.
“He always walks with a different woman to the shisa nyamas, but he never did that for me.
“I will continue to insult him. I am not lying about his 4-5. Even my 11-year-old son’s is bigger than his!”
Asked why he hadn’t opened a case against the woman, the man said he feared victimisation. “Obviously, they will turn it into a joke,” he said.
Captain Gerda Swart said she would approach the police’s legal services for advice. “This is a breach of human rights,” she said.