DJ Zinhle could be our very own Jennifer Aniston. She was left for another woman after all, not only that they are also both people’s sweethearts and now there’s another similarity to the two stars. Just like how Aniston says she took some of the blame in her divorce from Brad Pitt, Zinhle takes blame in her breakup with AKA.

In an interview with Anele, Zinhle says she’s only reminded of her baby’s father and ex, rapper AKA when someone brings it up. Zinhle credits her moving on on doing the work within herself and forgiving herself for the part she played in the breakup.

“I’m genuinely happy. I don’t think about the drama until someone else brings it up. I entered into a marriage with myself. God put me through this and he knew why. I’m glad he did,” said the ever strong Zinhle.