Zinhle has been happily in a relationship for a few months now and she seems like she really has moved on. So why would she want access to AKA you ask? Well, they do have a child together. ‘I don’t have access to AKA,’ says DJ Zinhle.

Speaking to Anele, Zinhle revealed how she sees everything AKA when she looks at her daughter Kairo. Zinhle was treying to explain to Anele how even her walk is like AKA’s. “It’s unfortunately I can send any data of Kiernan because I don’t have access to him but you need to see Kairo walk,” she said.

It just makes us wonder if Zinhle has AKA’s number in her phone. Remember when AKA ranted about how he has to email Zinhle about his visits? Yeah. Safe to say things are still pretty awkward between the two.