AWARD-WINNING rapper, Cassper Nyovest, has been crawling below the radar since allegedly losing his flashy wheels.
That’s because the Mama I Made Ithitmaker was allegedly involved in an accident.
But Sunday Sun sources close to the rapper were sceptical.
They not only questioned the accident story, but weren’t sold on his insurance allegedly refusing to pay out.
“We find that story very dodgy. It would be unlike him not to post if he was involved in an accident,” the source told the People’s Paper.
“We don’t want to seem like haters, but that Bentley is not there.
“We support Cassper, but he should tell us the truth about the car and about the accident.”
Another source said the Bentley’s maintenance costs were too much for Cassper.
“He sold it,” the source claimed.
“You can’t just have a Bentley unless you are wealthy.
“He was clearly taking chances,” the source said.
“Cassper sometimes puts himself under unnecessary pressure.”
The third source was sympathetic towards the rapper. “He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation,” the source said.
“That’s his money and his problems. Everyone in life has their ups and downs.”
Yesterday the SunTeam approached him for a comment, but Cassper didn’t want to comment and hung up on us.