The rapper recently released a new single, Abashwe. And in case you're wondering why you have not yet heard it, Cassper claims that it has been overlooked by a number of radio stations.
Showing no signs of backing down, he has subsequently opted to personally deliver his new music to radio, and track whether or not it's getting played. He also pleaded with fans to request it while listening to radio.
"This week I'll b submitting #Abashwe  [to] radio personally & documenting it. This whole airplay thing must end. Need you to request the song [too]," he tweeted on Monday.
This is not the first time that Cassper has asked fans to support him in his quest to get airplay for his latest song.
"Please help me push it. I still don't understand why I don't get radio airplay so I need my fans to request Abashwe . Hope that will help," he pleaded with his fans last week on Twitter.
Cassper went on to explain that he was not ungrateful for the love he has been getting from fans, but just wanted them to know that he was working hard.
"I'm not complaining, my fans are. They think I don't push my music like I don't care about it whereas I'm doing all I can but get no airplay."