US-based fashionista Buhle Mkhize has come out guns blazing against haters who have criticised her risqué videos and posts.

In a lengthy social media post Buhle gave her critics a tongue lashing of note.
Buhle explained that she was fed up with people making rude comments about her ass, and questioning whether it was fake.
"Let's settle this once and for all: drop me your man's phone number below so I can call and schedule a meeting with him next time I'm home. His palms faced up, he'll get to see and feel the bounce of the ass, he can squeeze it too and then come back home and let you know if it felt like fakeness," she said.
Buhle also had a very strong message for people who 'disapprove' of her nudity.
"Beesh how many times do I need to tell you that your opinion aint s**t. Get the FOH if you for one second think you are going to see me live any other way," she added.
And to prove her point, Buhle shared a steamy video of herself twerking in a g-string, but later deleted it.
Here's a glimpse of the video...