BUCS defender, Edwin Gyimah, plays a double game!
He has a stunning nyatsi called Cara . . .
The Ghanaian anchor’s been scoring in bedroom games since 2012 with the gorgeous Cara Mangena.
A source close to the situation told Sunday Sun it took four years for Edwin’s lovely wife, Mimi, to work out what was happening.
“Mimi befriended Cara so she could keep tabs on them. And finally, she realised what was going on behind her back,” the source said.
The diski mole went on to allege: “And that’s when she lost her marbles! She told Cara she was going to take her pictures to a ‘wise man’ in Ghana – a man with powers to make her life a living hell.”
Sunday Sun contacted Cara, who confirmed the allegations, saying: “Edwin and I broke up in May this year. But recently I’ve been receiving threatening messages from his wife. My life is in danger, I’m scared.”
And a fuming Mimi told the SunTeam: “Cara’s been busy with my husband for five years. She’s a bitch of note!
“She must sit down and close her legs. Because she’s opening them for material things. I’ve got a text message she sent my husband, asking him to buy her Louis Vuitton bags and other expensive stuff.
“This Cara is a husband-snatcher, and she doesn’t know me very well. I’m going to bewitch her. She must pray to God to get a man of her own. God won’t bless you with someone else’s husband.”
Gyimah wasn’t available for comment as he was in camp.
But Bucs spokesman, Floyd Mbhele, said: “That’s a private matter and the club can’t be involved