CNN is reporting that two poll workers were fired this morning in Broward County, Florida:
No details just yet, but Broward has been the subject of a ton of alt-right conspiracy theories about Hillary meeting election officials in secret and planning to RIG the POLLS!!! So this is just more fuel for their insanity. I’ll update with more information as it becomes available.
It turns out the reason two poll clerks were fired this morning is rather innocuous, but you can bet there will be tons of idiotic conspiracy theories popping up around it. Here’s what the Miami Herald is reporting:
Two Broward precinct workers were fired and asked to leave their precinct Tuesday for not adhering to policy.
Tonya Edwards, spokeswoman for the Broward supervisor of elections, confirmed that two precinct clerks were fired around 12 :30 p.m. from the Herb Skolnick Center in Pompano Beach.
“They wouldn’t adhere to our policies and procedures so they had to be let go,” she said.
This is a voting site that can be traditionally crowded because it has three precincts at one location. Days in advance, the county suggested media visit this high-activity polling place.
Edwards said the policies pertain to where people can stand near the precinct. Two poll watchers were also removed related to the same problem, but Edwards didn’t know which entity or campaign the watchers represented.
Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to make sure the removal took place. BSO spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said no arrests were made.
Of course, the Miami Herald is just covering up for the Democrat/Illuminati/Zionist conspiracy.