RADIO and TV presenter Bonang Matheba’s relationship with her co-presenter on SABC3’s Afternoon Express,Bonnie Mbuli, is said to be on shaky ground!
Sunday Sun sources claimed people shouldn’t be fooled by the united front the ladies display on TV. Behind the scenes, rumour has it the two have been on bad terms.
Sources claimed the two presenters can’t stand each other.
A source claimed they don’t even talk to each other when cameras stop rolling.
“They just sit in their own corners and mind their own business,” the source said.
The source alleged Bonang and Bonnie tried to click at first, but couldn’t pretend for long.
Both are said to have strong personalities.
The source claimed the two won’t share a make-up artist – Bonang prefers her own glamour team.
The source said Bonang has not been shooting her show in weeks.
“But she’s been all over with AKA,” said the source.
Another source claimed the production team is gatvol with Bonang, but they can’t do anything as she’s allegedly brought money to the show.
“Bonang brought sponsorships on board. They can’t get rid of her,” the source said.
Another source on the production team claimed Bonang has to be constantly reminded to pitch for shoots.
“Usually, it’s the celebrity who’s chasing us, but in this case Bonang is holding us by the balls, that’s how powerful she is,” the source said.
According to the source, Bonang doesn’t have to be in Jozi, but because AKA is here she’s here.
The source went on: “She can do her show in Cape Town, there’s no need for her to be in Jozi.”
Bonang refused to comment. And Bonnie denied the allegations.
“None of this is true, it is entirely false. Bonang and I are great colleagues and work well together,” she said.