Zodwa Wa Batu’s friend has been the topic on social media after her pic went viral. The unknown lady got her 15 seconds of fame after she opted to leave her bra at home whilst spotting a shear top. Whilst the internet has not been kind, someone who understands body shaming came to her defense. Boity comes to the lady with no bra’s defense.

After one twitter user tweeted the photo above with the caption, “She’s a mzalwane njalo,” which means she’s also a Christian lady. Boity came to her defense replying, “Was she meant to ask for your Almighty Patriarchal permission to do and wear whatever the f*ck she wants?!!”

Boity seems to be surprised by how people still get shocked by breasts. Well, Boity forgive them, for not everyone is as woke as you are.