SELF-PROCLAIMED international blesser and businessman, Serge Cabonge, has finally been blessed himself.
Serge has been given a chance to make his mark on the red carpet.
“Blesser Number One”, as he is popularly known in Mzansi, will be jetting off to the US, where he has been invited to present the annual sixth Nollywood & African Film Critics’ Awards (Nafca).
The popular African awards will be held at Glendale in the US on Saturday, 19 November.
An excited Serge told Sunday Sun he felt very blessed and honoured to have been invited to such a big occasion.
He said he never thought he would get such recognition.
He told the People’s Paper: “When I received the invitation I thought I was dreaming.”
The blesser has recently been getting invitations to show face at most five-star clubs across the country.
But he’s no stranger to American shores where he’s constantly been seen rubbing shoulders with big names such as Usher, Lira Galore, Snoop Dogg and Boyz II Men.
He also recently went overseas to shoot a documentary about blessers and their lifestyle.
His expensive high life has been criticised by most men across the country, but Serge says it’s because they’re jealous.
“When you are blessed you should also bless,” he said.
He further brushed away rumours spread by a young girl who accused him of sleeping with her without a condom.
“I’m a family man with values. Yes, I know the girl but I’m not going to talk much about her. I’m now focused on my work and the growth of my music company,” he said.