There’s a god reason why Anele Mdoda hosts the most talked about talk show in Mzansi and hosts drive time show on radio, she loves to talk. Whilst we had no doubt Anele has rubbed some celebs the wrong way, it’s were it happened we were surprised to learn. Anele reveals the one celeb she’d like to apologize to.

Whilst interviewing American actor Blair Underwood, Anele asked him who he’d like to apologize to and before he could answer, Anele shared her own story (was Ntsiki right?).

“I have that, I say one day I must apologize and I’ll live my life and I’ll forget about it for a year and then out of nowhere I think wherever they are that person is like….,” Anele told Blair.

“It was my friend’s birthday, we were in a club some five years ago and were quiet liquored up. We were a little bit rude. The next day I looked him up on Facebook to try find him to be like, ‘hi I’m that loud,m obnoxious Xhosa girl from last night with my friends, I just wanna say sorry man we were quiet rude’, she said.”

Anele says she’s never gotten a chance to tell him despite him coming to her talk show set. Anele says he did not remember the incident but will still want to apologize.

Who is the celeb in question you ask? 
It’s the actor Fana Mokoena.
Wonder what he’ll have to say after this.