The strong-willed and multi-talented media personality just loves how she was created
Unathi Msengana took to social media to show love to herself, crowning herself her own woman crush.
In an Instagram post, Unathi made it clear that she loves and accepts herself with all her flaws. She’s not willing to change herself, but accepts herself as she is.
“Please allow me to crush on myself today. FLAWS AND ALL!” she captioned her post.
On getting asked why her hair’s natural and why she doesn’t fix her teeth, the Idols SA judge had this to say: “Firstly I just love the way God Made me! Truly! Secondly how do I teach my daughter that she is beautiful and enough if I look nothing like her! You are enough queen!”
The moral of this story is, love yourself regardless of your appearance and accept yourself for all that you are.
Source: Drum