RUMOUR has it love is no longer in the air for actress and kwaito artist Thembi Seete and her fiance, Bobo “Bo” Seritsane.

The couple, who got engaged in 2012, are said to be having a bumpy ride and are rumoured to have broken up.

Sources close to the pair hinted that Bo, as he’s known in entertainment circles, is unhappy about Thembi’s attitude.

But Bo himself denies leaving the love nest.

Sources claimed the Rhythm City actress, who plays the part of Bongi, has been abusing the former member of Denim.

A mole close to the couple alleged: “I think he’s reached boiling point.

“He’s been patient with Thembi, hoping she’ll change her attitude and stop ill-treating him.

“Thembi behaves as if she’s the man in that relationship.

“And Bo has to accept his music career isn’t going well.

“He has to bear with her every time she throws a tantrum!”

Another source claimed: “She no longer goes to events with Bo and when she goes to a shoot, he gets gatvol.

“She treats him as if he’s nothing. When Thembi calls, she expects Bo to drop everything, even when he’s driving.

“He parks the car to answer her calls.

“Because if he doesn’t, all hell will break loose.

“She’s even removed Bo’s pictures from her Instagram page.”

Yesterday Bo denied the allegations.

He said: “Who told you that? We’re still together.”

Thembi was not available for comment at the time of going to press.

Sunday Sun was tipped off that Thembi was on set the whole week from morning till late.

Source:Daily Sun