THABANG Malope (22) loved his girlfriend so much that he was willing to do anything to keep her.
She demanded that he prove his love for her.
So Thabang, a grade 12 pupil, did the unexpected.
He saved his lunch money until he raised R4 800.
Earlier this year, the young man from Wattville in Ekurhuleni went and bought his girlfriend of seven years an engagement ring.
Hardly six months later Thabang is a broken man. The love of his life Lebogang Sathekge (21) has dumped him despite him “putting a ring on it”.
Last Friday a strange man approached him and told him that his time with Lebo was up!
He said: “The man told me to stay away from her if I knew what was good for me. He said he’s the new man in her life.
“I tried to get answers from her, but she told me to leave her alone.”
Thabang is now nursing a broken heart ahead of his final matric exams starting next Wednesday.
And what makes matters worse is that Thabang and Lebo are in the same class.
“Every time I see her my heart is torn apart. I don’t know why a person doesn’t tell you when they don’t love you anymore instead of hurting you.
“I’m struggling to focus on my books but I will be okay. My family knew her and I knew hers.”
He says some pupils gossip about him while others sympathise.
The romantic Thabang said when he put a ring on her finger they had gone to a restaurant where he bought her lunch.
“I know some people may think I’m crazy. But I loved that girl and she loved me back. I just don’t know what got into her.”
Lebo told Daily Sun that she no longer wanted to be with Thabang but didn’t want to give reasons.