A NUMBER of pupils of Phelindaba Secondary School have been locked outside the gates since last Tuesday.
Teachers have allegedly been denying pupils with dreadlocks, German cuts, braids, white socks, skinny jeans and short skirts entry to the school in Tshwane.
A pupil, who didn’t want to be named, said: “We were told we are disrespectful and will not be allowed beyond the school gates until we cut our hair or get longer skirts. However, teachers’ favourites are allowed in no matter what they’re wearing.”
The police were allegedly called to the school and cops forcefully shaved off a grade 9 boy’s hair.
“They left me with patches of hair on my head,” said the boy.”
Another pupil said: “I come to school every day but I’m not allowed in. I can’t go home because I don’t know what to tell my mum. We are not even allowed to eat the food provided to us by the government.”
A grade 9 boy said exams were coming up and he didn’t know what he would do as he wasn’t being taught. “We come to school every day and sit around waiting for our friends to return from class,” he said.
The Gauteng Education Department said it was aware of the matter and would send a team to investigate. Spokesman Oupa Bodibe said school policies regarding hairstyles and uniforms were made by the SGB and parents. However, the department was in the process of communicating to schools that they had to review their codes of conduct to be in line with the Constitution.