SKEEM SAAM actor Patrick Seleka is allegedly all tangled up in a baby mama drama!
Known for his role as Katlego “Kat” Peterson in the SABC1 soapie, Patrick is allegedly not talking to his “baby mama”.
A showbiz source, who is close to the situation, claimed Patrick and Lisa Tomson had been together for more than five years, but split up earlier this year.
“But the relationship hit hard times after Lisa was told Katlego was engaged to a Pretoria woman named Wendy Angel,” the source said.
The mole alleged Lisa had heard rumours that Katlego had given his Angel an engagement ring. And shortly after that Katlego allegedly decided to use a DNA test as his excuse for dumping Lisa.
“It doesn’t make sense after five years of raising their daughter.
“But Katlego just went ahead and dropped a bombshell on his long-time girlfriend by demanding a DNA test.
“And poor Lisa was caught between a rock and hard place, as she couldn’t believe what Katlego was actually asking of her,” the source said.
Another source said: “Katlego is happy with his new love. He is now with Wendy Angel.”
A third source told the People’s Paper: “Katlego is not supporting Lisa. This boy earns around R63 000 a month but is failing to do what he’s been doing for the past five years. I think his ego has brought him too far.”
When the SunTeam contacted Katlego, he said: “Number one, I’m not engaged to Wendy.
“Number two, I’m not paying for her flat because we’re living together.
“And number three, I’m not supporting any man’s child.”
When Sunday Sun asked about the allegation that he had requested a DNA test from Lisa, he failed to answer the question.
“I know who’s behind this,” he said.
Wendy said: “I don’t know where you got the information from. I’m in a relationship with him. He’s not paying anything, but tell me who gave you this story?”
Lisa refused to comment.