Seriously, at this point no one can help Cassper. The rapper apparently came face to face with his biggest known dream and he dropped the ball like a hot potato. Oh no! Cassper messed up his one chance to get Minnie.

Oh No! Cassper Messed Up His One Chance To Get Minnie
The rapper admitted it himself taking to twitter saying, “Lmao… I dropped the ball dawg,’ he replied after a fan showed his disappointment at Cassper dodging Minnie marriage question. Minnie asked Cassper if he really wanted to marry her and what did he do?, he thanked Africa.

The rapper is not giving up though, he later took to Instagram sharing a collage of his and Minnie’s photo from the MAMAs with the caption, “I mean come on. Minnie needs to stop sleeping on me so we can slayage (in @pharoahfi ‘S voice) Wa understanda ? #MTVMama2016,” yeah Cassper if only you’d stop dropping the ball.
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