AFRO-POP singer Kelly Khumalo is in trouble with the Meyiwas again!
This after declaring on TV that she loved her late baby daddy, Senzo Meyiwa, so much, she wrote a song for him.
But it seems Kelly has stepped on Sam Meyiwa’s toes.
Chatting on SABC’s Real Talk with Anele Mdoda last week, Kelly revealed she’d written a song titled Senzo to honour her sweetheart, who was shot dead two years ago.
Now Senzo’s dad, Sam, is breathing fire over the song, saying it disrespects his family.
Sam told Sunday Sun Kelly should’ve asked Senzo’s family first before writing a song.
He said the song will bring bad luck to the songbird.
He then gave her a tongue lashing.
“I don’t know how this girl was raised.
“She doesn’t have morals and she always disrespects us as Senzo’s family.
“How could she write a song without our approval?
“First, we still don’t know how my son was killed.
“But I’m sure she was involved.
“I wish she could get arrested while on stage performing the song.
“She can go ahead making money with the song, but it’ll curse her for the rest of her life,” said Sam.
He said the family is still mourning Senzo’s death since the unveiling of his tombstone hadn’t been performed.
“Kelly’s supposed to be mourning still, because she has a child with Senzo.
“But she’s busy trying to embarrass us.
“What I hate the most is that she’ll make money with the song and takes care of her family while mine suffers.
“This is all unfair.
“I don’t even want to mention her name ever again,” said Sam.
Yesterday Kelly refused to comment and hung up on Sunday Sun.
Senzo was shot in October 2014 at Kelly’s mum’s house in Vosloorus, Gauteng.
No one has been arrested for his death.