Actress Brenda Ngxoli is in charge of her life and is living according to her own rules and at her own pace.

A few years ago, Brenda ditched the city life and moved to her rural home in Xolobe in Tsomo, Eastern Cape.

“When I moved to ‘lalis’ (rural areas) full time, a local tabloid said ‘ndiwile’ (I was down and out). I knew I had a vision of how I wanted my mornings to be – tranquil,” Brenda says.
Brenda said that, while her friends were buying cars and fancy clothes, she was investing in her farmhouse.

“I don’t judge, but I knew I didn’t want to pay rent and chase auditions for the rest of my life. Who was going to give me a bond as a freelancer?” she asks.

Although Brenda still loves acting and travels to shoots, she prefers waking up in the morning to milk her cattle, bake homemade bread and growing her own vegetables.

A photo posted by Brenda Ngxoli (@brendangxoli) on

A photo posted by Brenda Ngxoli (@brendangxoli) on