Asking a guy out is a man’s job? Let Hungani Ndlovu and his girlfriend Stephanie Sandows be the judge of that! We have always been curious about the traditional notion of a man asking a woman out and proposing a relationship. Don’t get us wrong, we are hopeless romantics who have painted ourselves into the corner of more ridiculous romantic comedy plots than we would like to admit.

It’s just … why does the end of the movie always involve the girl waiting for the guy to realize she’s amazing? Where are the female characters who get inspired and propose a relationship to a guy they like? Actor, choreographer and presenter best known for her recurring role in etv soapie drama Scandal Hungani Ndlovu has let the cat out of the bag.

He recently took to his Insta account to let his fans know that his girl asked him out and saying yes to a relationship with her was the bes decision he evr made.

“At a point in my life when I was not interested in a relationship, she hit on me and I…. well, I said yes 😁 So glad I did ❤️”- he wrote.

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