How does a man of the cloth own a private jet, drive a the latest Bentley and live in a multi-million rand mansion?
It’s simple. He’s not only a pastor but also business tycoon with interests in the mining and telecoms industry.
Prophet Shepard Bushiri is a man who believes in miracles and says his life is a testament to that.
“People are looking a wife to marry, people are looking for a blessing to have kids. You know why? Because they need a miracle,” he says.
“I come from a Muslim background but being a Christian, I am proud that the God of Christians is a God of miracles.”
He’s building a church that will seat 60 000 people, that’s almost big enough to fill a stadium.
But people began to learn about his amazing miracles when he was captured on a video walking on air.
“It wasn’t captured to show the world. One of the people I stay with released it by mistake and it went viral. But I wasn’t doing it for the world to see. I do a lot of miracles in the house.”
This intriguing man of God has a lot to say about miracles and talks about the first one he performed at the age of 10.
In the latest issue of DRUM magazine, Prophet Shepherd reveals everything about his miracles and living a success.